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Oct 31, 2010

Time Management Skills

All dreams presented in this blog can be real. If you want to know how to make them real, just look for your dream in this blog and read the book that tells you how to make it real. One dream is "The Four Hour Work Week".
You can read about it in the book with the same name written by Tim Ferris.
Very helpful in achieving this dream will be another book by Franklin Covey:
"Powerful Time Management Skills ". You can buy a very useful piece of software by the same author and related to that book : "Plan Plus For Windows v 5.1". This is one of the rare occasion when a very important book can be bought with the software applying that knowledge.

Oct 24, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki

The Secrets of the Rich

This post is the beginning of a short series of recommendations for some business books that are accompanied with software on same topic and by the same author.
The first book in this short series is called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki were you can find the basic secrets of money, how can anyone get from having a job to having a company.
You can exercise the "Secrets of the Rich"  using the software that was released by the same author, Robert Kiyosaki, in two versions, first, "Cashflow 101" simulates a constant rising market. It is almost impossible to fail in such a market. And second, "Cashflow 202" is a game that simulates the real market, and if you win here, you have great chances to win in the realty too.
Another book by Robert Kiyosaki we recommend you to read now is "Cash Flow Quadrant".
I wish you good luck!

Oct 20, 2010

Harv Eker

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind!

By reading the book "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker, you are going to discover a lot of very well kept secrets. Learning about those secrets won't bring you the millions you dream about, but it is going to be the first very, very significant step you will take into the direction of achieving that goal. It will set your mind from a poor man every day thoughts to a wealthy man every day thoughts.
Buy this book to change your destiny for ever!

Oct 14, 2010

Nice tales for children from 3 to 90 years old

In today's post I recommend three books that are actually some very nice tales: "Acres of Diamonds" by Russell Conwell, "The Parable of the Pipeline" by Burke Hedges and "Who Moved my Cheese" by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. Trust me and read these books.
Reading these books will help you learn the basic knowledge that will change your thinking for ever. I am talking about the basic knowledge you didn't hear about in your childhood or in school.

Acres of Diamonds:
All Good Things Are Possible,
Right Where You Are,
and Now!
    The Parable of the Pipeline:
How Anyone Can Build a Pipeline
of Ongoing Residual Income
in the New Economy
     Who Moved My Cheese?:
An Amazing Way
to Deal with Change
in Your Work
and in Your Life

Enjoy reading these books.

Oct 8, 2010

Sun Tzu

If you intend to start a business and you want to win all your battles, first you must prepare for war by learning from the best Generals. Get ready for the war with yourself and if you have time, with others. We all want peace, nobody wants war (I hope so), but if you want respect you need the power to be on your side. And only when you will have power, you are going to be respected and everibody will see who you really are.
The first place to look for, if you want to learn about strategy, is Sun Tzu: The Art of War. Sun Tzu was a Chinese general who lived between 722–481 BC.
Other books on this topic that I can recommend are "The Prince" by Nicollo Machiavelli and "On War" by General Carl von Clausewitz.
If you ever have to have a war, you will need the skills to end it in favor to your self only always. For that, learn the secrets from the book that tells you when the negotiation stops an the war begins. Only this way you will have complete control, and this can be achieved by reading the book: Guerrilla Negotiating: Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want (Guerrilla Marketing Series)
So, if you want to be a great entrepreneur and you did not attend a military school like Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki did, you should better study these books.


Sun Tzu: Art of war, special edition

On War by General Carl von Clausewitz

Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince

Guerrilla Negotiating

Oct 2, 2010

Samuel Smiles

     Samuel Smiles was a Scottish author of the book Self Help, sold for more than 20,000 copies in the first year, 1859, and almost a quarter of a million until 1900.
     In the same year with "Self Help", two other books were published: "On Liberty", by John Stuart Mill, and "On the Origin of Species", by Charles Darwin.
     Smiles's book inspired Orison Swett Marden over the ocean in America to write his bestseller "Pushing to the Front".

     We can still find books written by Samuel Smiles on Amazon like these titles: Character (1871), Thrift (1875) and Duty (1880).

These titles are a "must have" for everybody interested on self development.
Learn the science of building wealth from nothing from Samuel Smiles.