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Nov 6, 2010

Debt, Money as Debt, Good Debt, Bad Debt

Money as Debt 

If you are in debt you are in trouble.
First you must learn where is the
debt coming from.  The movie from
Google Video:   "Money as Debt"
can show you the origin of debt and
all the so called secrets about it.
Is that all about debt? Did you know
that there are people making a lot of
money from debt? You can learn that
from the book "Good Debt, Bad Debt"
by Jon Hanson. So whats the difference
between good debt and bad debt?

It is about how you invest the money
you borrow!
Being in debt is a great problem.
Is an emotional very well speculated
issue. How is that?
You can learn how to get out
from debt from an incredible 
cheap book from Amazon:
by Garrett Sutton.

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